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Morton East welcomes new teachers

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Eleven new teachers are welcomed at Morton East campus this year.

People become teachers because they want to make a difference in shaping young people’s lives. Teacher education programs may have their flaws, but schools and states need to build on their strengths rather than start from scratch. Being a new teacher is a new experience for them and got to deal with new people. Before accepting a teacher, position teacher must go through a series of background checks to work in a school. In a random survey of 130 Morton East students, 62 reported yes, they like the new teachers.  

“I love the morale, that everybody is very understanding that I’m a new teacher, students and coworkers. So, if I have questions, they won’t turn their back on me — (both the) teachers or (the) students,” consumer education Sofia Sandoval said. 

“Yes, it is because the teacher who mentors me is a social studies teacher and she’s been through everything I’m going through,” consumers education teacher Sofia Sandoval said.  

It’s nice to see new teachers happy to teach the students and working here at Morton East. It’s good to know that the mentor program is helping the new teachers.   

“There are 11 new teachers here at Morton East. They have to be certified in the area they want to go teach and as a high school teacher they have to have their certificate that said nine to twelve grades,” Principal Jose Gamboa said.  

Even after four years of college education classes, including a semester of student teacher, new teachers still must learn a lot about Morton.  They must learn our 5-point standard-based grading policy in this school and how to man with their students. 

“Mentor program is for teacher that are coming in who have zero to two-year experience and helping them to become a better teacher as like increasing their teaching,” Mentor coordinator Jennie Crowson said.  

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Morton East welcomes new teachers