Seniors next year are going to Starved Rock

Giselle Camacho, Jaquelin Leon, Osiris Aldana, and Jennifer Soto

The water water fall in Starved Rock

Starting next year, seniors will be going to Starved Rock instead Six Flags

For about a decade Morton East has been taking their senior students to Six Flag as part of their senior activities, but for next year they’ve decided to change it up. Starved Rock is a state park in the wilderness area of Oglebay Illinois. It’s about an hour away and has been voted has Illinois #1 attraction. It’s mainly known for its waterfalls and canyon as well as spotting’s of wildlife like white tailed deer, migratory birds, and bald eagles.

“I’m really excited for this brand-new activity for next year, thank god they brought up something more excited and something that everyone might want to join and go to this”, junior Leslie Lopez said.

The juniors are most excited about this change since they would be the first class attending there. But although they’re excited the seniors don’t seem to feel the same way.

“I don’t like the fact that we don’t get to choose if we want to go to six flags or starved rock because half of us students don’t like hiking and won’t enjoy it as much as six flags,” senior Jennifer Soto said.

Most seniors see this change as unfair since it could’ve been ready for them year since there were already multiple changes this year and it’s something more exciting that would be a perfect way to end the senior’s year.

“I still can’t believe they’re really going to do that, it’s so good because now we get to do something different and not like the other years before us when they would just go to six flags but I guess I’m excited for the seniors next year, they’ll be ending the year with a banger,“ senior Jaquelin Leon said.

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