School Board adds 13th grade

Lyla Rivera and Alan Lopez

Did you know 13th grade is being added to public high schools?

After a senior year in high school students will move on to 13th grade, their super senior year. The school board plans to make the school days longer, as this will help improve students learning skills and help raise their grades. Instead of graduating in 12th grade, students will have to finish 13th grade to receive their diploma. This will also help prepare for college and will jump students from high school to a sophomore in college. This will be taken into effect as of 2020.

“Its great students will be able to earn more credits and they will be more prepared for the Accuplacer test,” Journalism teacher Kent Frankfother said.

Certain students think adding another year to high school will bring benefits

“It’s better to have 13th grade so that way we’re ready and prepared for college,” senior Pedro Zuniga said.

Although some students agree with the idea of adding an extra year others are mad about it

“I think it’s a really stupid idea since we’re just about to graduate and receive our diplomas,” senior Alan Lopez said.

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