No Senior Activities For Those With C Or Lower


Hector Perez, Reporter

Seniors who have a grade of a C or lower won’t be able to attend any of their senior activities including Prom.  

Morton East staff and administration have decided that starting this year, any senior with a C or lower grade won’t be able to attend senior activities. The senior activities include the following: Senior Breakfast, Senior Night (Six Flags), Prom and the Graduation Ceremony. This all is part of the school’s plans to get students to succeed in their classes and graduate with an improved grade point average. The school wants all its students to participate in their senior activities and have a memorable high school senior year. However, graduating with a good GPA is a goal that Morton East has for its seniors and will continue to work with in the future years. 

“I think it’s the same idea of the appeal process,” said Journalism teacher Kent Frankfother, “students will do anything to attend prom and the boat trip. Students really do treasure their senior activities.” 

These were the thoughts of Kent Frankfother, a Journalism teacher at Morton East, when asked on the impact this new rule has on student’s attendance. However, many students that attend the school don’t know about this rule yet, but those who do know think the rest of the students will be upset about this. 

“There are many students here who are fine with passing their classes with a D and have the mindset of ‘as long as I graduate’,” explained Senior Israel Carranza, “when they [the students] find out about this rule they’re going to complain and get upset that they won’t be able to attend their senior activities.”  

With this adjustment, students believe that most of the senior activities won’t be as exciting as they were before this rule was applied.   

“Most of the school won’t even be able to attend anything no more,” said Senior Alexia Hernandez, “and those whom are attending will find it boring and unexciting because most of their senior class won’t be there due to their grades.”  

Expectations for this plan is that students will be upset and many of the students won’t be able to attend their senior activities. Many seniors will have a bad end to their senior years and will have bad reviews on the school. Questions all lead to where this new adjustment will take Morton East in the future based on the school’s attendance and GPA, and also how long will this last as a requisite to attend senior activities.  

 DISCLAIMER:  This MortONION article is entirely fabricated — false.  Be careful of FAKE NEWS!  Don’t spread lies.