Students wear their masks in public

Aliyah Thomas, reporter

The majority of Morton East students wear their masks in public.

According to an article on, “Considerations For Wearing Masks, Help Slow the Spread of Covid-19.” It is strongly recommended in this current time of Covid-19 to wear a mask in public. Covid-19 is spread when respiratory droplets travel into the air due to a cough, sneeze, and even while talking; a mask provides a barrier to reduce spread. In order for a mask to properly provide as a barrier, it must be worn over your mouth and nose, while social distancing 6 feet from one another.  However, people who have trouble breathing and/or are under the age of two are not recommended to wear a mask due to safety hazards. In a random survey of 52 Morton students, 48 students say they constantly wear their masks in public.

“I do always wear my mask in public. I suppose an exception is when I am outdoors alone, like when walking to my car by myself after I exit the store,” superintendent Dr. Timothy Truesdale said.

A former Morton student has other exceptions.

“I wear my mask in public but I’ll sometimes take it off just to breathe better. You know what?  I do go out to eat a lot, and in those restaurants my mask is off,” recent Morton East graduate, Clarissa Marroquin said.

Another former student has no exceptions at all.

“I always wear my mask in public and I try to stay away from people as best as I can, mmm people just be getting too close,” recent Morton East graduate Jimia Brown said.

A Morton student agrees.

“Well I don’t really go to too many places but at work my mask stays on 24/7, you will not catch me taking no breather,” senior Layla Thomas said.

For those who may forget their mask while going to Morton East, principal Gamboa has added his input.

“There are two cloth masks for every student. If a student comes to the building without a mask then one will be provided,” principal Jose Gamboa said.

Wearing a mask continues to help avoid Covid-19 and keep you safe.