Helping the elderly during the Covid-19 pandemic


Natalie Lara

During this pandemic, there have many precautions that the state of Illinois has done to keep the elderly safe and healthy. From a survey of 15 people, 10/15 think that there has been a lot of precautions for the elderly people during this pandemic. The town of Cicero has done many things to help elderly people run their normal errands picking up medicine, food, and things they need on a day to day basis.

In the city of Cicero, the elderly have time in where they can only walk in by themselves without other people being around, Walgreens is one of them the time they can be able to check things out and procced without big crowds. Cicero has also visited or called the elderly to see how they are doing and if they need anything since the hour they had to go get their necessary things are over, or they even call to see how they’re doing through this rough time.

“Cicero/Illinois has been doing great on keeping the elderly safe,” said Maria Perez resident of Cicero.

“Some other things that they can do for them is giving them gloves, masks and things for them to protect themselves when being out getting their medicine, or weekly food,” said Martin Gonzalez resident of Cicero.

“With the elderly having an hour for them to get their necessary things I think it’ll be better to give them more than just an hour, we have to keep in mind not all of the elderly people go in just that hour, there should be an hour added,” said Marco Lopez Cicero resident.