What’s working so families have supplies during the pandemic?

Matthew Anguiano

What is happening so that every family and person has enough supplies to go through the pandemic?

Stores have hired more security to let others like the elderly have a chance. Executive orders have also been made in order the price doesn’t exceed and that there is enough for everyone. Friends and classmates have said that they’ve taken measures to rationalize supplies to make it last.  

“I make sure I don’t use as much toilet paper or wastepaper towels as much as I did before so that my mom and dad don’t waste as much money,” says senior student Jose Lopez. 

Others have volunteered to hand supplies to those who can’t afford the supplies they need. 

“We make masks and also give supplies like hand sanitizer, alcohol pads, disinfecting wipes, and more to make sure others get by the situation,” says friend John Walker 

 Though, some aren’t as fortunate to have either purchasing supplies or finding those who will help. 

“After 3 weeks of the lock-in, I got off my first job laid, I work two jobs but I barely make meet-ends, I only get what I need and use the rest to pay for rent and help my mother,” says Donavan Marshell, a family friend.