What’s working to treat the symptoms of COVID-19 at home/or for those without access to testing?


Ashley Avila and Raul Arango

To treat the symptoms for COVID-19 at home, many people are practicing home remedies and sanitary procedures.

Doctors are learning new things about this virus every day, everyone may carry the virus for two or up to two weeks before they notice symptoms. Some therapies used for the virus are antiviral or retroviral medications, breathing support, steroids to reduce lung swelling, and blood plasma transfusions. To relieve the symptoms pain relievers (ibuprofen or acetaminophen), cough syrup or medication, rest, and fluid intake can help. If there are mild symptoms it is recommended to stay home isolating your self from people and wearing a mask. For people that feel like they have the virus and are not given access to get tested, the best they can do is isolate themselves. In a random survey 7 out of 10 people does not know anyone with COVID-19.

“Well my mom has been making me take vitamins and I always wash my hands,” senior Diana Rodriguez said.

Many people have been doing home remedies that are very effective with eliminating bacteria and the virus from the throat, also boosting the immune system.

“I gargle hot water with salt, drink hot tea, oranges, soup, and frijoles,” senior Christian Barrios said.

Many student’s families have been making DIY disinfecting products.

“My parents make their own remedies, they put alcohol as their hand sanitizer,” senior Alexis Vargas said.