What are people doing to help the elderly?

Jose Gonzalez, Reporter

What’s working to support and keep the elderly safe in Chicago during COVID-19?

Recently a cluster of COVID-19 cases has been reported at a nursing home in west suburban Cicero. After residents were tested, 163 tested positive and 31 staff members were also diagnosed with the virus. John Hopkins medicine says that one way to help reduce the risk of the elderly getting COVID-19 is by limiting in-person visits. It’s recommended that people should not visit their elderly because it’s for your safety and theirs. It is tough living away from your older parents, grandparents, etc. but it is better if you miss them a bit now instead of something worse happening to them and you can never see them again.


“I have not seen my parents in 3 weeks and I miss them,” friend Denise said.

Another person said something similar

“I haven’t seen my sister in 2 weeks, and when I did see her I burst into tears,” Cousin Mayra said.

Some people think differently

“When I go out I buy groceries so my parents don’t have to and I deliver it to them all the time,” Cousin Isaac said.