Most of East spends V-Day with family, friends

Zulema Padilla and Christian Munoz

Who will you be spending your 2020 Valentines Day with?

Most of Morton East staff and students will be spending their time with their family and friends.

The first Valentine’s Day was in the year 496 and still celebrated to this day. Valentines Day started as a day where you celebrated with your other half. Now in the year 2020 people have different point of views and believe that Valentines Day should be spent with anyone who you care about. We decided to go and do a research to see if students and staff from Morton east will actually spend their valentines with their loved one.

We did a survey:  40 juniors, 40 sophomores, 40 seniors, and 60 staff members from Morton East answered the question regarding who they will spend their Valentine’s day with. The results will shock you — for the seniors, juniors, and sophomores the highest picked answer was that they would spend their valentines with friends. As for Morton staff, the most picked answer was they would spend their valentines with their family. For all of them, the second most picked choice was their loved one.

Morton students have different perspectives on what valentines should actually be. We have 3 students that have 3 point of views. One person we interviewed was Kelly and she believed, “I feel like Valentine’s Day is a day that should be celebrated with those who we care about not only our significant other because there’s more to it” making it seem that valentines is a time to be with people who care for you in the other hand we have Celeste who said “Valentine’s Day seems like a friendly day to be spoiled.Not actually to be with someone ” Making it seem that is more as a holiday to give gifts instead of actually spending time with someone. Senior, Yesenia believes and does not agree with this, she believes “Valentines is a non important time and should not be celebrated. There should not be a special date to show someone that you care for them or love them.” Morton staff have different point of views. Whatever view you have, I hope you had a wonderful Valentines.