How To Make Valentine’s Day Special

How To Make Valentine's Day Special

Pony Express Staff Reporter

Unfortunately, many people have no idea where to take their significant other or a date.  

Valentine’s Day is a very special occasion for many couples, and many of them do like to go a bit extra to impress their significant other. This is a day of making them feel special and loved, even though they should feel like that everyday not just Valentine’s Day. Also, for the single people out there it’s a great day to go out with friends and show them the appreciation they deserve too. Both the single people and the ones in a relationship can agree on one thing: What is the best date idea for Valentine’s Day? 

For me, my ideal is let’s make dinner and talk,” said Assistant Principal Joanne Rzadzki 

Many do love the simplicity of just sitting down and enjoying the moment, but others have a different take on Valentine’s dates. 

From a guy’s perspective, we try to be very considerate of what the other person likes, like if they told me they really like Legos then we’ll go to Lego and make a big heart out of Lego blocks,” said Principal Jose Gamboa. 

Some don’t worry exactly on where to take their significant other but worry about their budget. 

Taco spots can be romantic or go out for dessert rather than a meal,” said Assistant Principal Carol Best. 

There’s also budget friendly options for the ones who love simplicity. 

There’s a ton of free stuff you can do in this lovely city of Chicagoyou can go downtown or walk by the lake. I love architecture, so we like to walk and look at buildings,” said Assistant Principal Joanne Rzadzki. 

Dates are one thing to worry about on this special occasion, but others worry about the gifts also. 

“I ordered a cool edible arrangement with chocolate covered strawberries that I sent my wife at work, so when we go out for Valentine’s later as a family I won’t bring anything except a card on behalf of my kids,” says Assistant Principal Randall Borgardt. 

And, remember, it’s not always about money, but the thought that counts.  

“It doesn’t have to be an expensive thing, but a token that’s special to the relationship, like I give my wife stuff for photography all the time. A person should take interest in what the other likes, not just give rings or jewelry,” says Principal Jose Gamboa.