Are you playing it safe on the train or bus? Survey says no


Leslie Hernandez

Was taken by Unity Junior High School

Approximately half of the East students are riding the train or taking the bus, and almost all of them are doing it while wearing earbuds or earphones.  Are they aware of what’s going on around them?  (Probably not.)

According to, an estimated 1.6 million bus rides are given weekly to students in America.  An interesting fact is that Chicago is one of the few cities that offers transits to two major airports:  the CTA’S Blue Line ‘L’ can take clients to O’Hare International Airport and the Orange Line travels to Midway Airport. Many Morton students depend on the CTA/Bus to get to and from school, but how many students are actually being safe on the bus?  101 random Morton East students were asked if they have ever ridden the CTA/Bus or if they use their earbuds/phones while riding the bus. About 56% of Morton East students depend on the CTA bus to get to and from school; 55% of Morton East students use earbuds when they are riding the bus or train.  And, a significant 7% of students say they have been robbed while riding the train or bus.   (Btw:  did you know using any speakers or sound-producing devices is prohibited if others can hear it according to the CTA code of conduct?) 

“Having your phone out and not paying attention or having money out and not seeing your surroundings because everyone is watching you,” Mr. Dugan said.

Many students can forget that having valuable items out can be very dangerous for students who ride alone. 

“I have seen crazy people on the train, I saw people get robbed and saw (passengers) hassling some poor tourist,” Mr. Dugan said. 

An estimated 3,101 robberies have been reported and the next one shouldn’t be you.

“Don’t have your earbuds blasting in your ears and be paying attention to the road while keeping your bag on your lap,” Mrs. Radski said. 

While many students believe being surrounded by other students can be safe many can forget not only students are on the CTA buses. 

“Be aware.  Don’t fall asleep on the train or the bus, and check to see who’s getting on and off,” Principal Jose Gamboa said.