Riverside Mall’s Justice sells its styles at monthly fashion show

Kimberly Sosa

Fashion show inside a retail store? Have you ever witnessed a Justice Fashion Show? The chaotic mess that goes on clothes everywhere around 40 people plus 8-12 employees working gathering the girls getting them into line.

Every other month or so on a Saturday, Justice hosts a “fashion show” at its Riverside Mall store;  It is open to the public.   Justice features clothing for women.  The store holds these fashion shows to encourage young girls to be confident and love themselves and not to be ashamed and feel powerful and supported by everyone there. It’s a wonderful experience to witness how happy our girls get and their ability to enjoy themselves. The girls are able to pick out their outfits and be in control.

“I love being able to see my daughter enjoy herself and there no cost to it which is better for me,” Family Sanchez said.

Apart from participating is completely free there is no force to buy the clothes they try on, another customer also had to say.

“Although I love the idea behind it, it’s hard for others who just come to shop or browse because there are so many people and difficult to get through and make a purchase,” said an anonymous customer.

“My daughter gets so excited when we here about another Fashion Show coming up, I do wish they happened more often,” shopper David said.