Are teens still trick-or-treating?

Pony Express News, reporters

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Morton Pony Express News surveyed 100 high school students and asked if they still went trick or treating.

A very low of 21% said that they still did, and most of them said their only reason was to take their siblings. The remaining 79 percent said they have “outgrown” that phase in life because “(trick-or-treating) is too childish.”  Some students in the minority who still trick-or-treat said they enjoyed going to receive the free candy.

“It’s only once a year, so why not take advantage of the candy,” said one student who wants to remain anonymous.

There are still teenagers out there in the world still going trick or treating with their friends and enjoying it. The 21% said they will trick or treat until their high school days are over before they become adults — which for them was when they turned 18.

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