Chicago homicides haunt our thoughts, city

Always be careful about who you date.

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Always be careful about who you date.

Anthony Abarca, Chelsy Ochoa, and Quinton Dixon

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61 people were shot over the weekend in Chicago

Chicago has the highest homicide rate in America and its residents should be worried. 

For people who don’t know Chicago has had the highest homicide rate in America since 2016 and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Since 2016 Chicago has seen a 32 percent increase in homicide and its projected to increase. Other notable crimes in Chicago are rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary and theft which has also seen increases. Many Chicago residents predicted that some of the scariest things that can happen to them while living in Chicago would be getting murdered at night or robbed.  

“If there are more cops hired, there’s a higher chance that the crime rate will go down,” stated Crystal Hasapis, a math teacher at Morton East. 

This shows that the police are trying to reduce crime but is that enough? 

“Someone was in my car. Everything was out of order, out of the glove box and center counsel. This happened twice, and police reports were made but they have not caught the criminal yet,” stated Ms. Miller, a Morton East math teacher.  

This goes to show that maybe large numbers of police officers won’t be enough to reduce the amount of crime going on in Chicago.  

“I’m scared that if I’m walking at night and they see I’m by myself that someone might try to hurt me or rob me.” Ms. Miller stated a math teacher. 

It seems that many people believe that the scariest thing that can happen to them in Chicago is that they can be hurt or robbed at night.  

In Cicero, there was a homicide on October 25 —  with reportedly one dead and another injured. This happened around 4 am around Austin. stated Cicero police officer Perez.