2020 best fast food restaurant

There are a lot good restaurants out there, but what was the best fast food restaurant of 2020 when fast food restaurant where in high demand?

A McDonald's Fries box set as a meal- Jesse Rodriguez
A McDonald’s Fries box set as a meal- Jesse Rodriguez

In a survey done in Morton 16 out of 35 students think McDonald’s was the was the most visited restaurant; coming in at number two is little Cesare’s being the number 7 out 35 most visited place. The third most visited place of 2020 was Burger King and Panda Express having each 3 out of 35.According to “restaurantbusinessonline.com”, the top highest-grossing restaurant chain would be McDonalds with their being over 13,000 restaurant in the U.S alone. Also a new McDonald’s is being open every 15 hour’s. The second highest-grossing restaurant chain is Starbucks, the total number on units in the U.S is over 15,000. You be getting more coffee than what you think when ordering a Grande getting the same amount of caffeine as three cans of Red Bull. The third fast food chain that has the highest- grossing is Chick-fil-a with their being over 2,000 units In the U.S, it was founded in 1967, and the first 100 customers at a new Chick-fil-a restaurant get free chick fill a for a year.

Most people don’t really care where they go out to eat all they want is something cheap and something that is close to them.

“McDonalds is the closest to me so I would go walking with my friend’s and we wouldn’t have money but still buy stuff from the dollar menu.” Giselle Rodriguez said.

Other people want something that is high class and pay more money and drive further for some restaurant.

“The nearest Starbucks by me is 3 miles from my house and it’s worth the drive I like the food their and their coffee.” Alexis Ramirez said.

And other people just can’t have enough from their favorite food and go for what they love.

“I always try to get my chicken sandwich from Popeye’s when I eat out it’s my favorite go to fast food spot.” Gerardo Rodriguez said