Local hot spots top picks for V-Day dining




Gabriel Sanchez, Jose Munoz, Kevyn Sanchez, and Jose Macias

So, what are the best places to take your significant other for Valentine’s Day?

During Valentine’s Day it’s normal for couples to go around and celebrate one way they do this is by going out and eating we tried to find which restaurants would be most popular for Valentine’s Day the picks were olive garden, Hooters, Los Comales, and Buffalo wild wings. In a random survey of 100 Morton East students, 31 students reported Buffalo wild wings was the best option for Valentine’s Day.

We asked how students would be spending their Valentine’s Day “I’m going to be sleeping,” said junior Jorge Delgado.

While some spend the holiday sleeping or with their significant other, some students don’t even get to enjoy the holiday “I hate that I have to be working on that day”, said junior Daisy Gil.

Out of the options provided, we still think there is more to offer “Zacatacos because we love Mexican food.” Said senior Jose Romero