Half of student body will buy chocolate for their sweetie

Jesse Zambrano and Tino Abasta

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is filled with love and chocolate, but there are people who don’t have a significant other or just don’t have money to spend.

Did you know? On Valentine’s Day, at least thirty-six million boxes of chocolate are sold and sales profit reach at least a $one billion during valentine. Fifty-eight million pounds of chocolate are purchased and consumed on the week of Valentine’s Day. Additional info is that chocolate boxes have been around in 1868 when Richard Cadbury first introduce them. And according to the National confectioner association caramel is the most preferred and eats chocolate. In a Random survey 98 Morton east student, 53 students are planning to get chocolate for their significant other while 44 aren’t.

Where you able to get your significant other a gift?

“No, unfortunately, this year I had no money to get my girl anything this year,” Antony Rodriguez said.

Where do you buy your box of chocolate?

“I bought my chocolate form target,” Andrick Nava said

What brand of the chocolate box did u get?

“I have gotten the Ferrero Roche,” Ernesto Ramos said.

What type of chocolate flavor does u prefer?

“I like milk chocolate,” Jorge Cano said.

Two people agreeing to buy milk chocolate instead of caramel.

How much did you spend on the box of chocolate?

“I spent about 19.99 plus taxed on the Russell Stover valentine milk chocolate,” Francisco Blanco said.