Students watching “shows” more than ever

Asha Satti, reporter

Students have started to watch more TV shows.

During this pandemic, we needed to stay inside so there were a lot of things that we were not able to do. Somethings we were able to do inside were Stream a concert, opera, or TV show, catch up on some shows, clean, play video games, exercise, read, and do DIY activities. In the past, not a lot of people would use streaming services until now. According to “Half of US states increased video streaming by 50% during quarantine: Which service is the best value?” By Eileen Brown. Everyone is now steaming more and spending more money on streaming services. The U.S has increased their streaming by 50%. The most used services are Netflix and Hulu. During this pandemic, people have subscribed to one or more streaming services. talked about how the most used service is HBO MAX and HBO NOW. In a random survey of 10 students, 10 staff/adults 10 students watch shows on their phones and 8 staff/ adults watch shows on their TV.

“During this pandemic, I have had the opportunity to step back and do all the things I used to complain about not having time for. I finally finished books, cleaned out my room, and started my master’s. I actually watch TV far less than I used to,” English teacher Ms. Emily Oslter said.

Interestingly, some people have not watched a lot of TVs and then there are some that have been rewatching shows.

“Through the pandemic, I’ve done many things to keep me busy. For example, I’ve watched a lot of movies I’ve been wanting to watch and rewatched some shows I really liked. I’ve also taken advantage of the free time I have and started a workout regimen,” senior Zeena Al Herbawi said.

While some rewatched a lot of shows others decided to start their own little business.

“During the pandemic what I do to keep myself busy would be watching Netflix, doing lash extensions, being with my family. It’s been hard to keep myself busy because there’s nowhere to go,” senior Alexa Rocel said.

Some were making money while others were spending all of their money.

“During this pandemic, I ended up buying a lot more streaming subscription. I started off will only Netflix and then ended up with Hulu, HBO MAX, Disney plus, showtime, peacock, YouTube premium, and prime. I have spent so much money during the lockdown and quarantine. I also got to catch up and all the shows and was new things, but I also started to read more. What else keeps me busy was attending online concerts,” senior Asha Satti said.