Students debate PlayStation over Xbox


Jobani Delgado’s Little brother playing PlayStation.

Jobani Delgado

The majority of people prefer PlayStation over Xbox.

Over time, there has been a huge console war between Play station and Xbox. Over who has had better games and gaming experiences. Both consoles have their good and bad things. Recently there has been a debate on whether to get the new-gen PlayStation or the new-gen Xbox.  According to PCMag’s article, “Xbox series x vs. PlayStation 5: what we know so far,” by Will Greenwald both video game consoles will drop on two separate days:  Xbox series X will release in stores on November 10; PlayStation will release in stores on November 12.  The PlayStation 5 digital version will cost $399, while the Xbox series S (the digital version) will cost $299. The regular PlayStation 5 will cost $500, while the Xbox series X will cost $499. There is a debate on whether who has the best hardware for the best price. In a random survey of 70 different people 47 of them said they would much rather purchase a PlayStation, the remaining 23 would prefer an Xbox.

“I only know Xbox, but I know it has its pros and cons. (Xbox) is a lot cheaper than ps4 for basically the same amount of play.  The ps4 is more expensive from the controllers, to the game and accessories. Also, if your ps4 controller dies, you’ll have to let it charge or play (plugged in) with a wire in the way. With Xbox, if your controller is dying, all you do is change the batteries. (On the other hand), you have to constantly invest in batteries (whereas with) the ps4 you can buy a charger, so it wouldn’t be a continuous investment. Also, Xbox Gold, is also a continuous investment.  So in the long run, the Xbox could have you spending more money while the ps4 is kind of  just a one-time payment,” senior at Morton Janet Hermoso said.

PlayStation and Xbox have many differences in their consoles. They have always been at each other’s necks with having better hardware or better games. According to PCMag,  you can pre-order the new generation PlayStation at Amazon, BestBuy, GameStop, Target, and Walmart. You can preorder the next-generation Xbox at only BestBuy, Microsoft store, and Target.

“Xbox has better games, and the controller feels better,” senior at Morton Giovanni Coronel said.

The debate on whether what consoles have better games rely on which video game exclusives they have. According to Tom’s Guide, the PlayStation 5 will have games like the new spider man or even the new God of War. While the Xbox will have games like Halo and Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2.

“I would be happy to give you my opinion on the PlayStation vs Xbox debate.  I am personally a PC gamer and play almost exclusively on there.  However, If I had to choose I would go with PlayStation over Xbox.  PlayStation has had an amazing set of games historically and I think they tend to be more fun compared to Xbox games.  Just my opinion of course!,” Otaku club advisor Dalton Elkins said.

Many people debate on whether what console is better. But there are many people that prefer using a PC. Although PC cost and vary in price, it is said that the hardware is better and you can customize it.

“PlayStation is what I have and prefer,” math teacher Ed Vail said.

Originally the first-ever PlayStation to come out was the PlayStation 1 on December 3, 1994. The first-ever Xbox was on November 15, 2001.

“I think Xbox sucks.  They have better hardware, but it still looks worse than the ps5 and ps4,” senior Fernando Gonzalez said.

Xbox recently compared that their new Xbox Series x sounds a lot quieter than last-gen PlayStation. Many people made a joke about them not comparing it to the new-gen PlayStation 5.

“I grew up playing PlayStation ever since it got out, and I used to own every PlayStation console,” senior Mayanin Munoz said.