Kareem Hunt back in the league


Jesus Carrillo and Kevin Dominguez

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East Majority wants Kareem Hunt back in the league. 

Kareem Hunt was a player for the Kansas City Chiefs which is an NFL team located in Kansas City, Missouri, and their stadium is Arrowhead Stadium. He was a running back for KC and was cut from the team on Nov 30, 2018. He was cut from the team after two videos were released to the press of two separate altercations: one involved a man in a club and the other one was of a female that was kicked out of his hotel room for being disrespectful and saying many racist slurs. Since his release from the Chiefs, there has been no new information of his well-being, but there have been a few interviews where he repents on his actions against the man and woman who he allegedly injured because of these arguments. According to TMZ, he broke the 37-year-old man’s ribs and nose and was left heavily bruised in the club on January 7 of last year.   The incident with the female happened in Cleveland, in February of last year.  Here is a link to a video of that altercation: https://youtu.be/VmYeuwejF4k?t=3 . In a survey of 110 students that was conducted 47 students said that he should not be allowed to rejoin the NFL while 63 students said that he should be allowed to rejoin. 

“Recently I saw Kareem Hunt getting signed by the Browns which shows that he got a second opportunity and is now able to atone for his mistakes,” said Morton senior student Aurelio Servin. 

There are some people who support Kareem Hunt and there are other people who do not agree with him being allowed to join the NFL. 

“Kareem Hunt should not be allowed to join the NFL. It’s like the NFL is condoning this kind of behavior for allowing him to join even after what he did,” Said senior student Josh Puentes. 

He has many people that support him even after his mistake because he has a bright future in the league  

“Kareem Hunt made a mistake, and the media disregard his actions on why he did what he did and made him look like a savage person, and the people that promote equality turned a blind eye when he was getting negative press that affected his career compared to the female who he “assaulted” who they all branded as innocent, and she didn’t receive any repercussion for being a racist and acting aggressively against the person who was trying to prevent any more altercations,” said senior Sebastian Salas. 

There are some people who do not really care about Kareem Hunt and see him as just an average football player. 

“I feel like Kareem Hunt is not that much of a game changer when it comes to major games. He wouldn’t really make much of a difference in my opinion, ” said football fanatic Adrian Garcia.

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