Salvador Hernandez: American success story via Los Gallo’s

Brayer Martinez, reporter

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Moving from Mexico to Little Village, Salvador Hernandez opened the original Los Gallo’s restaurant in 1982.

Salvador Hernandez

He is now one of the most popular men in Little Village and known for his specialist of the house called ‘’Carne en su jugo.”  Salvador Hernandez, he came from the state called Jalisco in Mexico and moved to Little Village; he started his own corner selling tacos in 1978.  After only a couple of years, he now has three restaurants, managed by his son and daughter in Chicago.  Taqueria Los Gall0’s (the original) is at 4211 West 26th Street, Taqueria Los Gallo’s #2 is at 4252 South Archer Avenue, and Taqueria Los Gallo’s #3 is at 6222 South Archer Avenue — all in Chicago.

“Now I’m living at home in Little Village where everyone knows me and feels like home,” Salvador Hernandez said.

The name Los Gallo’s has a special meaning to the owner;  the place means everything to him and takes care of it a lot.

“Los Gallo’s it was the name of my first job in the state of Jalisco,” Salvadore Hernandez said.

Carne en su jugo is one of the best soups, but he made a special touch to it.  Now, it is the best one in Chicago.

“It was a big mistake and the costumers enjoy it; In life, the biggest things by men ever done is by mistakes,” Salvadore Hernandez said.