Emmanuel Presbyterian Church prepares for Christmas pageant

Jackie Robles, reporter

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At Emmanuel Presbyterian Church, the youth group is preparing for their Christmas play — based on the birth of Jesus.

According to Relevant Magazine, it states that most people believe that Christmas is all about drinking Hot Chocolate and being by the Christmas tree opening presents or by the fire with their pajamas on and being as a family by eating a feast. But the article in the magazine also exemplified the actual reasons and importance of why and how Christmas is supposed to be celebrated — how and what happened when Jesus was born. And that is when most of the churches started doing a tradition of reenacting the story every year when Christmas is near so that they can touch other people’s hearts and get them to understand what the true meaning of Christmas is a reality.  

“Playing a pastor in the play makes me feel like I’m an actual pastor for a church,” said one of the actors of the play Daniel Perez. 

In our play, the main characters are mostly Robert, Ernest, Heidi (non- believers) and Lilly and David (believers). 

“I picked Robert because I like being a bully,” said an actor from the play Christian Diaz. 

This youth group has been working very hard to make this play seem like the story in real life with the help of our leader Joel Diaz.  

“One of my expectations is for everybody and especially for every one of the teenagers to understand the birth of Jesus Christ and the message behind it,” said the director and the leader of the group Joel Diaz.

The play will be open to the public on _______________ at _____________________.


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