Ukulele Night featured East Gate Cafe


Bryan Benitez and Lia Figueroa

Every Thursday at EastGate Cafe/bistro at 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm, Olya, Patrick, and their son Allen Dailey, host an event known as ukulele night.

Ukulele night started 9 and a half years ago, only 4 people were apart of it. Throughout the years, ukulele night expanded. Roughly 30 people attend every Thursday night. When explaining to customers, they often ask if they need to know how to play, the answer is always the same, no. Ukulele night is solely just for fun. Some customers go to sing along with the players, and some grab a song packet and try their best to play along.

“I’ve been coming for a couple of years now, and half of those years I didn’t know how to play a single note. Now I stand up, play, and sing as loud as I can!” a regular participant said.

Although some overcame not knowing how to play, some rather just order food and listen. And some even just sing along.

“As much as I love the sound of the ukulele, I don’t think I’d be much good, but you’ll catch me singing my old little heart out.” regular customer Harvey Daniels, said.

While ukulele night is such a big deal at EastGate Cafe, that’s not the only event they host.

“Oh dear, we cater and host tons of events, from private parties, baby showers, birthday parties, wedding showers, memorials, workshops, book signings, open mics, stand up comedy nights, festivals and much more. You name it, we’ll host or cater it!” EastGate owner Olya Dailey, said.

Overall, EastGate Cafe is incredibly known for their amazing food, positive and welcoming personality, and also the amazing job they do with hosting a catering not only big but fun events as well.