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Career Profile: Should I be a firefighter?

Ricardo Carrillo, Reporter

May 26, 2015

Can you be trusted? People depend on firemen to be there when needed, to be: honest, trustworthy, reliable and accountable. It’s not an easy job. Since each state and fire agency sets their own qualification for example here...


May 22, 2015

Props to the Class of 2K15 for this AWESOME MUSEUM!  Love you all!  Mr. Frankfother Shout out to google for getting me through high school. & also Yahoo answers! -Oscar E. Shout out to Mr. Romero and  Mr. Tsenes for...

Alternative Sports

Alexia Garcia, Eduardo Lopez, and Giovanni Orozco

May 20, 2015

We did a survey in our class to see what people’s opinion on alternative sports were. We asked 20 people whether they considered the alternative sport an actual sport, or not a sport at all. Surprisingly, people had different...

We need money!

Jocelyn Mendoza and Leticia Basulto

May 20, 2015

  The debate on whether minimum wage should be raised or kept the same is one of the big issues the United States faces. Over the years many people were comfortable with the minimum wage but prices on goods have skyrocketed and a higher pay is necessary to survive. Ye...

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