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Ebola: Facts versus myths

Ligia Perez and Jocelyn Martinez

November 17, 2014

Pardon the pun, but Ebola fever is spreading -but, is it really something to get paranoid about? There are several cases of Ebola outside of...

Morton East has its own dentist

Jose Lopez, reporter

November 17, 2014

Morton has a dentist, it’s called Smile Mobile. Smile Mobile provides free dental service for students -- to clean their teeth, provide cosmetic recommendations and prevent further problems.  700 students who signed-up in...

Gang awareness increases as gangs decrease

Brandon Jimenez, reporter

November 10, 2014

Unfortunately, gang violence has been a part of many communities; families live at home with fear of going out of the house or letting their children play outside after dark. The police do their best to control gang activity,...

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