“Call of Duty/Warzone” top game for Morton students


Angel Gutierrez

Angel Gutierrez playing Call of Duty on his preferred console PS4.

“Call of Duty” was the best game of 2020 for Morton East students.    

According to a Forbes article by Erik Kain, interestingly, he considered “Call of Duty Modern Warfare” is the best “Call of Duty” of the decade. “Call of Duty” added something to the game called “Warzone,” which brought more people to the game because it was free to any user. “Warzone” ended up getting 4/5 in a review, according to PCmag by Gaberial Zamora. A clever and addictive battle royale game, with excellent visuals and good PC performance,” Gaberial Zamora PCmag writer said. In a random survey of  51 Morton East students, 24 students said that Call of Duty was the best game of 2020.

“My game would be COD(Call of Duty) because it’s my go-to game. It is easy to play since I have been playing COD ever since release, and it is fun to play with my friends or solo queue online,” senior Jonathan Palencia said. 

“Among Us” came in second place, with 19 students voting it as their 2nd best game of 2020.  

“I personally think that “Among Us” a really good game and it’s really slept on. I think it‘s really fun to see how we turn on each other and how it’s PG friendly and it doesn’t have violence compared to the other popular games,” senior Sam Medina said. 

Following “Among Us” for the best game is “Animal Crossing New Horizon,” with 10 students putting it as their 3rd best game of 2020. Even though 16 students voted it as their least favorite “Animal Crossing,” managed to receive enough votes to pass the “Last of Us 2” by a small margin.

Results of Best Game of 2020 Poll
1. Call of Duty
2. Among Us
3. Animal Crossing: New Horizons
4. Last of Us 2
5. Fall Guys
(Victor Quezada)

I love “Animal Crossing” because it gives me a sense of happiness when I see my Islanders talk and Interact with each other. It makes me feel like I’ve done enough for my Islanders to be happy and comfortable on my island,” senior Ariana Soriano said.  

“Last of Us 2” received 13 votes from students who placed it as their 4th best game of 2020. Although it was close to surpassing “Among Us,” “The Last of Us 2” was ranked lower by many students preventing it from beating “Among Us.” 

Last of Us 2. I have not touched a single game in this franchise. It’s my understanding that this game was controversial with a lot of story moments in the game. On reflecting, I think it is telling that I have heard that there’s a lot of controversy over this game, but I have yet to hear any comments on the gameplay,” Morton East math teacher Dalton Elkins said.  

“Fall Guys” received the fewest votes as most students put fall guys as their 4th and 5th best game of 2020.  

Fall Guys is, in my opinion, heavily underrated as a social party game right now. It is currently being overshadowed by the accessibility and simplicity of “Among Us,” but I believe this game has a promising future. Anyone who missed out on playing this one should honestly give it a try,” Morton East math teacher Dalton Elkins said.