Positive news people heard in 2021


Ana Cruz, reporter

2021 did have positive media coverage.  Remember Lada Gaga’s national anthem?  Remember how J-Lo and Ben Affleck got back together?  And, how about all those movies and TV shows?

It’s a draw.  The debut of “Squid Game” on Netflix and the movie “Encanto” were the most positive news we got in 2021, survey says. In a random survey of 32 Morton East students, 12 students selected “Squid game” as their favorite positive news of 2021, and 12 selected “Encanto.”

“Squid Game” first aired on Netflix on September 17, and “Encanto” was released by Disney right before Thanksgiving.  “Squid game” is about people playing games with the guards watching, and their penalty for losing the game is death.  “Encanto” is about the Madrigal family, a family where everyone has special powers — except for one daughter, Mirabel, who may determine the future of the family.

Another six students selected when Lady Gaga nailed the national anthem at Joe Biden’s Inauguration as the year’s best news.  (Maybe we were just happy with Biden being elected?)  And, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Afflecks relationship reunion and Ed Sheeran’s “Equals” album tied for third place.  (I wonder if J-Lo and Ben listen to “Equals”?)