2021’s best video games require teamwork


Yair Zecena, reporter

In the year 2021, many games went on sale;  “Forza Horizon 5″, Halo Infinite” and many other games came out. Of so many games that came out, a couple of them require you work as a team to succeed.  But, only one was the best seller in 2021, and this game is “It Takes Two.”

“It Takes Two” is a multiplayer video game, (which means that it is played with people) which is about a couple who become “dolls” in their own lives and have to find the cure to be able to return to being humans. What the people who played it liked a lot, including me too, is that this game has to be played with someone with whom you can communicate well; you can only pass from one level to the next twith the help of your partner.

Many famous influencers (people famous through social networks) who stream on platforms such as Twitch, Facebook or YouTube who played this game with their partner or friends say that it is one of the best games, with unique stories and levels never seen before. . The game only takes about 6 or 8 hours to finish but it has many clues and mysteries that are still being found to this day.