Jordan-hype dominates shoes of 2021


Jordon 1’s high top from senior Christian Espinoza

Throughout 2021 the trend in shoes has been the no doubt one of the best years especially with the hype around Jordon 1’s.

The best shoes of 2021 according to survey are the Jordon 1’s, in a survey of 65 morton east students, 27 voted for Jordon 1’s being the best shoe of 2021.

Students are willing to spend $300 for a pair of Jordon 1 retro high 85 neutral grey. There is no doubt that Jordon 1’s were the best shoe of 2021, they have a simple but stylish look and the collaborations done with the Jordon 1’s are no disappointment. One collaboration that still has students saving their money for are the Dior Jordon 1’s retro. The lowest bidding being $7500 and the highest being $10,000,000.

Some honorable mentions, 23 students voted Crocs as the second best shoe of 2021 and 15 voted Vans being the third best.