Drake top rapper for Morton Students


Haide Delgado listening to Drake

Jobani Delgado, reporter

Drake was the greatest rapper of last year for Morton East students.

In a random survey of 60 Morton east students, 33% think that Drake was the greatest/best rapper of 2020. According to Spotify Drake was number two in most streamed artist globally, with Bad Bunny coming in as number one. Drake released/collaborated around 17 new songs in the year 2020 with Tootsie slide coming in as number one with 263 million views on YouTube. According to Cleavland.com by Troy L Smith, the key tracks that Drake has had over the years were “God’s Plan”. “Nice For What,” ” Started From The Bottom,” and many more. In a random survey of 60 students of Morton East, 20 of those students thought that Drake was the greatest rapper of 2020.

“I think Drake or Eminem was the best rapper of 2020,” said science teacher Janin Huerta.

In the survey of the Best Rapper of 2020 Drake came in first place with Eminem came in second.

“I listen to Dababy, Drake, J. Cole, Travis Scott, Eminem, and 6ix9ine,” said Math teacher Kristeen Anthonsen.

Drake got his stage name as “Drake” from his middle name which his father gave to him, drake full name is Aubrey Drake Graham.

“I do listen to some of the rappers in the poll like Drake, Travis Scott, and Dababy,” said Journalism student teacher Ms. Noelle Lowther.

Drake started his career as an actor in a show called “Degrassi” in 2001.

“Don’t all the ladies like Drake? Isn’t he like the romantic among the rappers?” Journalism teacher Kent Frankfother said.

Drake was born on October 24, 1986, in Toronto Canada. His mom was Canadian and his dad was from Tennessee.