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Morton East hosts winter play “Our Town”

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jkj nmThe Morton East Theater department will be hosting a brand-new play “Our Town” beginning Dec 6th through Dec 9th.

“Our Town” Is a play originally directed by Sam Wood. It first played in 1938 and it highlights the small town called Grover’s corner between the year 1901 to 1913. It is separated between 3 acts during the play. “Our town” shows how the people in the small American town go about their lives following the same routine day in and day out without truly considering how fast the time really goes by. The central theme is that we live our life’s every day so fast that we don’t get to fully appreciate everything that it has to offer. Morton East’s new theater teacher ( Ms. Spohnholtz) will be creating and helping make the show possible along with the students in theater. We asked some questions about the upcoming play.

How long has your cast rehearsed for so far?

“Tryouts began in September and we have been practicing all October. 4 days for 2 hours every week”

Clearly, a lot of work has gone into creating this play like it the case for any to be successful. Many students devote a lot of time and effort to help make these things possible to the best of their abilities and it is ever present as they continue to show well-created plays in previous years. Yet there are still challenges that come with making a theater presentation.

What has been your biggest challenge while working on “Our Town”?

“Our biggest challenge while creating this play has been re-casting of some students. We started with about 26 students and have about 24 right now due to some commitment issues. But many have stepped up to the plate and I can see that. Fortunately, we also have a great community with students who are always ready to help one another, and I really appreciate that.”

This shows that plays often come with challenges within the team but remaining positive is key to success and solving problems. On top of that the students work hard and diligently to help one another and stepped it up when they need to for the team. The play is now less than a month away and audiences are soon to see the great work that has been done.

What do you hope the audience can take from this play after watching it?

“Something that I hope that the audience can take after watching the play is to take life slow and truly appreciate what it has to offer. Life goes by fast. Although it’s ironic that this play is from 1901, in the third act cars come into play and in today’s world we have phones that we use so much every day, it would be nice to just put them aside for aside more at times.

It’s great to be able to take something positive and be able to apply it in your own everyday life and learn every day. We wish the theater team and new Theater teacher (Ms. Spohnholtz) luck in their play beginning Thursday, Dec 6 till Sunday, Dec 9. So, make sure to get your tickets and watch this great theater production with your friends and family. Tickets are $5 for students with Morton ID and $10 for any others.

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Morton East hosts winter play “Our Town”