Students split on old school Xmas songs, new mixes

Vivian G. Valencia, Reporter

This holiday, Morton East students are divided on their favorite Christmas songs:  East is stuck between the classics and the not so classics.

According to,” All I want for Christmas is you,” by Mariah Carey is the most played song during Christmas times. Christmas music compares a variety of genres of music that is often performed or played in the Christmas season and it’s up to you what you listen to in this festive time.

“I love the classic Christmas songs like “All I want for Christmas is you.” I feel like it gives out the Christmas vibe and really gets me in the spirit,” said senior Melanie Palencia.

Christmas songs are universal, and many enjoy listening to them. In either language, Spanish or English, they are loved and bring back memories of past holidays.

“One of my favorite Christmas song(s) are Mistletoe by Justin Bieber and Last Christmas. Also, this song named Le Dio Un Beso a mama by Los Mier. This was a childhood song that my dad would sing while we would put up the Christmas tree,” said senior Denycely Cante.

But, not all students like Christmas songs.  They get a little ‘Scroogy’ after hearing the replays over and over.

“Christmas is not my favorite holiday, and Christmas songs annoy me. They are so overplayed which makes me hate them more; I don’t understand why artists don’t write new ones to spice it up,” said Senior George Zamarripa.

On behalf of the Morton Pony Express News, have a happy holiday and break.