Students share their break plans


Javon Parker, Reporter

This holiday, the students of Morton will be enjoying their Christmas break in various ways while also staying safe.

According to a few different students and friends of Morton each had different ideas of how they will be spending their holiday time off. Some are ecstatic about the holiday and spend to go see family and are excited. Others say with the burden of Covid-19 it feels bittersweet. In many ways, in the way in which they are planning to spend the holiday. This is the most wonderful time of the year and yet the atmosphere is unlike anything we’ve experienced before this time around. Nevertheless, the people of Cicero and Morton will not let the current situation going on out in the world distract them from this joyous time! But, not everyone feels the exact same and are going to be doing the same thing, so here’s what some of our students had to say about their energy towards Christmas day and what they will be doing! 

 ‘’ I am mostly going to spend break at home and at work. I feel sad about it because being with family is what I look forward to the most,’’ senior Emily Velasquez said. 

 On the contrary, not everyone is going to spend the holiday at home though as they actually plan on visiting close relatives and such.  

 ‘’I plan on just spending time relaxing playing some video games and listening to music for most of my break but come Christmas day my parents and I are going to visit my Uncle and spend Christmas over there while wearing our masks you know just to be safe,’’ freshman Ethan Gonzalez said.  

Again, most students plan to stay home soaking up the day with their immediate family as well. 

 ‘’I’ll be staying home spending time with my family. I think Covid restrictions interfering with the holidays is a letdown because Christmas is meant to be spent with your whole family and with Covid being around, it’s not a good idea to have family gatherings due to how easy the virus can be transmitted,’’ senior Giovanni Coronel said. 

 Regardless of what is going on for the holidays, I hope everyone finds peace of mind and has an amazing break and Christmas day in whichever way they choose to spend it! On behalf of the Morton Pony Express News, have a happy holiday and break!