Can recent grads attend prom as a guest — if so, is there an age limit?

This would never happen at Easts prom!

Courtesy of Tigard High School's The Paw.

This would never happen at East’s prom!

Dayna Contreras, Maria Aguayo Hernandez

Since the time to appeal for senior activities has come. Many student go to appeal to go to prom which is a formal dance held by a high school at the end of the school year, typically for students in their junior or senior year, but question is if we could someone who is no longer in school. Many students would love to take a friend, boyfriend or girlfriend who probably graduated in the past year or two but wonder if they could take them to prom. Is article will give you the information you need.  

According to Tracy Lloyd (English Teacher and class of 2021 sponsor Morton East High School) stated that Illinois State Law says that any person 21 and over cannot participate in High School, and that includes High School students’ events (the type closed to the public), so a guest to a student only prom would need to be no older than 20 to legally enter to prom