Halloween can kill: stay safe


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Halloween lettering with flying bats, pumpkin, spider. Vector illustration. EPS10

D'Angelo Martinez, Reporter

This Halloween, keep a lookout for some safety concerns.  Unfortunately, Halloween is much more dangerous than the average day.  While 96 fatal crashes occur on average every day, 109 fatal crashes occur on average every Halloween.  According to American Modern’s “Top 10 safety tips to follow during Halloween,” you should do the following to stay safe:

 1.When you decide to go trick- or-treating make sure before leaving your home check your smoke detectors. The main reason for this is because if you have jack-o-lanterns in your home or on the porch if you have a wooden porch there is a risk of the jack-o-lantern falling and catching fire to the porch than catching to the house this is the main reason of make sure to keep your smoke detectors on for anyone in the house or nearby.

2.Picking nontoxic makeup for you and your child’s safety it’s best to do a small skin test in advance to ensure there is no irritation or allergic reactions. Many makeups people tend use can affect little to some types of people and can have impact with allergic reactions to the products used in the makeup.

 3.Pick a safe bag or plastic food container to collect treats to make sure you have room for treats and any types of candy. Make sure you have a clean bag that is not in a risk of breaking and can drop your candy, when on the go and make sure to have a bag that is not harmful to the environment and don’t throw away bags onto the street.

4.Children should always be properly supervised by parents. It’s best for children to travel in groups with several parents and stay on the sidewalk. Children should never be alone especially on a night like Halloween there are tons of kid everywhere that can get lost and there can be tons of adults that can do harm.

 5.Houses that do not look like they are celebrating or participating in Halloween should be skipped. Houses that do not have any Halloween decorations or lights on probably don’t have any treats to give out and have nothing to give so they should be skipped and continue to the next house.