Joker is East’s favorite villain

Kevyn Sanchez, Reporter

Joker is the Morton East favorite villain.  

In a Random survey of 62 students the Joker had More than half of the votes. In our surveys we also had Thanos, Cat woman and venom. Venom had 13 votes leading him in 2nd place. Thanos had 8 votes leading him to 3rd place and Cat Woman had 4 votes leading her to 4th place.  

(Joker) always laughs of his own jokes, and so do I,” senior Natalia Herrera said. 

Henry Becerra added to her point. 

“A character standpoint, he takes care of his mom in his mid-twenties Late 30’s and it shows the struggle he goes through with his  (mental) illness,” senior Henry Becerra said.