Sexy or scary costumes this Halloween?

Lucifer looks his best here.

Courtesy of Next Luxury

Lucifer looks his best here.

Mariah Williams and Temiria Allen

Is a split decision:  half of East likes scary, while the other half likes sexy – with regard to costumes. 

Halloween is here, and there are many different types of costumes you can come up with.  Most Morton women prefer wearing sexy Halloween costumes rather than wearing scary costumes, and most Morton men prefer wearing scary costumes. Surprisingly, a few men also preferred to wear sexy Halloween costumes as well.  In a random survey of 40 Morton East students, 21 students preferred to wear sexy Halloween costumes and 19 preferred to wear scary costumes 

Halloween isn’t always about trying to scare someone it’s also about just having fun and dressing up as you please,” senior Maria said.  

 Many people though – namely boys – still think Halloween is about the horror.  

 “Halloween is meant to be scary if you dress sexy that kills the whole purpose of Halloween,” Junior Marcus said. 

While most men like the scarier costumes, there are exceptions.

“Once, in my mid 20’s, I wore red jeans, red T-shirt and a black leather biker jacket, threw a red bandana with horns on my spiked blonde (yes, blonde) hair — and carried a pitchfork.  I was a sexy devil — and I gotta say:  I looked good,” journalism teacher Kent Frankfother said.