Legendary tale of La Llorona

In a shocking turn of events, 25% of Morton East students don’t know anything of la Llorona. 

There are many versions of La Llorona, but this is the most common story that’s been told. She and her husband had 2 children and were a very happy family. When she discovered she was being cheated on freaked out and drown her two innocent sons she had with her husband. It wasn’t until after they were dead that she realized what she had done. After being consumed by the guilt she decided to commit suicide. Legend has it La Llorona still cries as she searches for them in rivers or various bodies of water. at the very least she causes great misfortune to anyone who runs into her on a moonlit night. People who claim to have seen her say she appears at night or in the late evening by rivers or lakes, wearing a white gown with a veil looking for her children who met their sad demise in the 500-year-old tale, and to those who hear her cries in the night are suggested to run from them as it’s detailed that hearing her cries bring possible misfortune which would be quite frightening hearing the screams let alone getting bad vibes.  

 “From what my parents thought me this took place in Juan Aldama Zacatecas, in a nearby river that’s name is unknown” David Ramirez, Senior at Morton East said. 

  Morton East student has similar thinking.

“The reason why her husband left her was that she had found out that he had been seeing another younger, more beautiful woman,” Alex Nunez, a sophomore at Morton East said. 

Morton East student thinks the same. 

 “From my understanding, I don’t know what specific river it took place at but I know its somewhere in Zacatecas”. Kimberly Salto, a sophomore student at Morton said. 

Officer Gordon had the same opinion.

“I believe she wonders by the river looking for her children because she was overcome with guilt and want to repent to her actions” James Gordon, officer, said.