Is Chicago Really Haunted?

Is Chicago Really Haunted?

Jose Munoz, Raul Arango, and Gabriel Sanchez

Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the country. So, no doubt there must be several haunted locations in the area. A few haunted locations in the Chicago land area are Graceland cemetery, Hull house, and the infamous Congress Hotel some even figure that this very school is haunted itself. Some believe that it’s all a hoax and ghosts are not real, yet this crave to see the supernatural causes people to visit these haunted places. In a random survey of 111 Morton East students, 38 students reported they have been to a haunted location in the Chicago land area.  

“The scariest place I’ve been to is the congress hotel,” senior Pedro Andreu Said.  

Yet others think that the scariest places involve a more conventional setting as one student was asked the question if they knew any haunted locations in the Chicago land area.   

                “Yes, the cemetery in Lincoln park especially at night,” senior Manny Torres said.  

              But still, we wanted the drive for people to visit these haunted places if they would ever go into one of these spooky places.  

               “Yes, but only with my boys,” sophomore Bobby Gonzalez said.  

              Therefore, this led us to find someone who had experienced a real supernatural occurrence  

               “My neighbor had died, and my landlord owns both of our houses and he told me he was just talking to her when she had died a week ago and when I told him that he was shaken to his core,” Junior Daniel Gomez said.