Have you heard of Chicago haunts?


Congress Hotel is Chicago’s “most haunted hotel.”

Chicago is full of haunted places you might have never heard of or known of; here are two of the closest to Cicero.

A survey was given to 100 Morton East students, 56 students out of 100, said they do believe in spirits.   Well, did you know that there are supposed spirits haunting nearby Chicago.  Paranormal experts have identified the following locations as ghost spots:

According to experts, the Congress Hotel is the “most haunted hotel in Chicago.”  It opened in 1893 and it was originally called Auditorium Annex. In 1893, a depressed mother threw herself and 2 sons out of the 12th floor window to their deaths.  Congress Hotel is located at 520 South Michigan Avenue, downtown Chicago — down by Buckingham Fountain.

Also, Resurrection Cemetery has been haunted since 1930. The reason behind this haunting is regarding a 21-year old female that was murdered in a hit and run in front of a bar that’s across the cemetery. Her parents found her dead. When she danced with a guy named Vince, he noticed her hands were cold.  Resurrection Cemetery is at 7201 Archer Road in Justice, Illinois — close to Midway Airport, south of Stickney.

An interview given to two sophomores was asking if they’ve been in a situation that they’ve heard or seen a spirit. These were their responses.

“Yes, I have been in a situation regarding spirits. I’ve actually seen ghosts in my own house,” Sophomore Brandon Padilla said.

“No, I haven’t been in a situation like that,” Sophomore Daniel Revilla said.