The Conjuring takes over as best Halloween movie


Senior Daniel Ramirez watching The cult of Chucky instead of doing his class assignments.

It seems to be that The Conjuring is the scariest movie to Morton East students.    

Horror films have been a thing for as long we can remember. It is an ancient form of art that triggers our imagination in ways that we didn’t even know were possible. Horror films serve for mostly two purposes. They deliver thrills, senses of fear, apprehension, and anxiety alongside with nervousness and panic. They also explore the “forbidden” side of life like extraterrestrials, spirits, demons, cults, death, etc. Every century, the type of films are being produced differently and with different aspects such as fear of death, creating a monster for example, Frankenstein (1931), dolls being possessed by spirits like Annabelle (2014), or another example would be the global concern of contagion 28 days later (2002). In a random survey of 100 East students, 13 students picked The Conjuring as their top horror movie.   

 “The original Halloween is my favorite scary movie because of the style of the film and how it was made and because of the characters and the theme of John carpenter made,” security guard Luis B. said. 

Staff around the school have mutual perspective and opinions about the type of scary movies they like. Since they’re a bit more old schooled, they tend to be attracted to more disturbing and humorous movie.  

“My favorite disturbing movie is Hereditary because during the whole movie I felt like something awful was about to happen and it truly did happen. Let’s just say there was a bunch of severed heads,” journalism teacher Mr. Frankfother said.

Although some people find some horror movies disturbing others find horror movies fascinating   

“I really liked watching the exorcism of Emily Rose because it was based on a true story and it was actually accurate on how exorcism goes. It was an interesting concept compared to other movies since this one took place mainly inside a court where they were trying to decide who was at fault for her death,” junior Annette Chaidez said. 

Also, people like and enjoy horror films based on true events/ story as well as hanging out with their friends.  

“The last scary movie I watched was The Conjuring. I watched it with my friends at my house while we munched on pizza and candy. It was supposed to be a scary night with them, but instead we made jokes throughout the whole movie,” senior Daisy Martinez said.

Many people make jokes out of scary movies to not get a jump scare. It’s a way people cope with things.   

 “If I was in a scary movie, I would not be able to take anything seriously. I tend to laugh when I get nervous and when I’m scared. I would be the first one to die in a group friends,” junior Angela Valdivia said. 

 In 1896 the first scary movie came out called Le Manoir du Diable created by one film earliest visionary George Melies. The first scary movie took place in New Zealand, Country in Oceania. The horror genre movie was made during the Europeans centuries 17th and 18th. Guillermo Del Toro won an Oscar for the best director for The Shape of Water. The Conjuring author Lorraine and Ed Warren were actual people and have a museum in Connecticut.