The best streaming app of 2019 is Netflix.

The best streaming app of 2019 is Netflix

The best streaming app of 2019 is Netflix

Alexander Amaya, Ariana Baez, and Jessica Medina

Netflix was the most used streaming service in 2019.

Many use it because it delivers new movies and/or shows every month, and allows the user to save and watch movies and shows offline.  The three most popular movie streaming networks of 2019 were Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube TV. Netflix and Hulu are mostly similar except for the movies and shows each app provides. YouTube TV however only provides movies and not shows.

Netflix is the best streaming app of 2019, survey says. In a random survey of 50 Morton East students, 29 selected Netflix as their preferred streaming app.

Netflix was originally called Kibble. When the company was being incorporated, they named it until they could decide on something permanent. We will soon be able to stream Netflix in a Tesla. Tesla founder Elon Musk informed Tesla owners they would soon be able to stream both Netflix and YouTube in their cars. Netflix staffers think you decide on a movie in two minutes. Netflix spends more than $150 million on improving its recommendation system every year.

Our remaining surveys:  Hulu came in second place with 10 votes. Youtube TV got 5 votes, coming in third place. Disney+ got 4 votes coming fourth place. Finally coming in last Amazon Prime Video had 1 vote.