Best Girl Stores of 2019

Fashion Nova store at Panorama Mall in California.

Fashion Nova store at Panorama Mall in California.

Berenice Nunez and Annette Gamez

East girls love a good sale and clothing stores who held promotions were among their favorites of the year.

Fashion Nova is the best girl’s clothing store of 2019, survey says. In a random survey of 50 Morton East students, 21 students selected Fashion Nova as the best girl’s clothing store.
Fashion Nova is a very known online store that many social media influencers promote. They are mainly an online store, but they recently started opening stores in California. This store is known for selling trendy clothes that many celebrities have been seen in. In addition to their trendy clothes, they are also known for their amazing prices and discount they offer on almost a daily basis.

Second place was given to Forever 21, third place was given to Windsor, and the last place was given to Aeropostale. The store in last place, Aeropostale, differs in style and price from Fashion Nova. Aeropostale is a bit more expensive and has more of a casual style which is why this store unfortunately lost.