It’s home for the holidays this year

Jesse Rodriguez, Reporter

Senior Jesse Rodriquez and his family have a good time talking in the kitchen.

Many MEHS students are going to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve at home in 2020.

According to “all in Illinois” they explain 12 way’s for everyone to stay safe during the pandemic but still have a great time. One way to stay merry is to stay at home — to stay safe these holidays. Another way they recommend people to stay safe this holiday is to face time grandma or other relatives that can really get sick from the virus. Or, if you are going to gather with people, try to keep it small and to spend it outside where the virus can be less contagious.  Also, wash your hands frequently, wear your mask, and stay six feet away from others.

“I will be staying home and enjoying the company of my family waiting for this year to end and the go to sleep,” Sarai Hernandez said

Most people would be spending their New Years’ and Christmas alone with the family because they don’t want to spread the virus around or get their loved ones sick. Also because people don’t want to invite other people that haven’t been there and risk the chance of spreading the virus.

“Be with my whole family at my aunt house,” Adriana Moreno said

Even if you’re meeting up with a loved one for the holidays you should still take the precautions to stay safe and keep others safe like washing your hands frequently, wearing your mask, and watch that you stay socially distant. But, the best way to just stay safe is just to stay home with your sibling and parents.

On behave of the Morton Pony Express News, have a happy holiday and break.