Student say how much they’ll spend this Xmas

Irene Carrera, Reporter

This holiday, the students of Morton are telling us how much money they are spending on the gift for their significant others.

HuffPost says that an average of people who have dated less than a year has spent about $93  on their Christmas gifts. Relationships that are dating over 5-10 years, has spent about $200-$300 in Christmas gifts on their partner. However, it also shows that the length of the relationship DOES matter. Dr. Orbuch says that the best Christmas gift your significant other could give you is a handwritten poem. Newer relationships should spend less than $75 after six months in the relationship. In a survey of 39 Morton East students, 29 students say that the amount you spend should not matter.

“In my opinion price doesn’t matter is the thought that counts, they will still appreciate it,” senior Lorena Cabrales said.

However, not all students agree with there are no limits on a gift and would like to have a limit.

“I think having an idea as to what they want is important. A budget of 100$ is decent,” senior Karla Perez said.

Not everyone wants to spend $100 on a gift and would like to spend $50 or less.

“Honestly, I think like $50 max. I think you can get really creative, like do a self-care box, or just something that would make them feel cared for,” senior Elijah Rodriguez said.

Not everyone thinks the same when it comes to buying gifts for their partners, few might have the money to spend while others might not.

“Well, it depends on how much money the person has. If they have a lot of money then most likely they will buy something expensive and if they do not have that, much money they would buy something less expensive. But at the end of the day, it shouldn’t matter because it’s a gift so they should appreciate it and if the girl is materialistic then she got to go,” a resident from Berwyn Antonio Carrera said.