Significant number of students planning travel over break

Jennifer Ramirez , Reporter

Most Americans and many students are traveling for the holidays. says that a survey made in September said not everyone is staying home for the holidays and has personal vacation plans for the year. However, the survey found that most people would be taking road trips instead of flying. Additionally, 1 in 3 says they won’t be celebrating at all. In a random survey of ten Morton East students three say they will travel for the holidays and seven say they won’t.  (So, can we assume 30% of students will be traveling for the holidays?)

“I won’t be traveling this year because my family is scared to get sick,” senior Emily Castrejon said.

Traveling during these times does increase your chances of getting COVID-19.

“My mom didn’t want to travel this year because of COVID so we’re staying home which is sad,” said senior Martin Cruz.

Another student feels differently.

“Yes, I’m going to Mexico for the holidays; we’re going to be as safe as we can,” said senior Jasmine Hernandez.

Airlines are now very strict when it comes to masks; you have to wear one throughout the whole flight.

“I will be traveling, but we’re going in the car just to be safe,” says senior Jennifer Perez.