No more than $100 for that bf/gf, students say

Victor Marin, reporter

Most students at East will spending no more than $100 on their boyfriends or girlfriends.

Many people who are with their boyfriend/girlfriend will most likely spend Christmas together and give each other gifts. According to ¨Insider¨ the average amount that couples spent on each other is about $100 and married couples about $300.  Most people may wonder who spends more on gifts, men or women. ¨¨ says that according to a survey woman spend less on men for Christmas than men do for women. Most woman spend less than $100 for men and men spend anywhere from $100-$300 for gifts on average. Many people still believe that a budget of less than $100 max should be the norm.

“I think having an idea as to what they want is important. A budget of $100 is decent,” said senior at Morton East High School Karla Perez.

But not all students may agree with Karla on a budget of $100.

“Honestly, I think like $50 max. I think you can get really creative, like do a self care box, or just something that would make them feel cared for,” said senior Elijah Rodriguez.

Not all students may agree with both opinions, some feel there shouldn’t be a budget.

“ I honestly think that there isn’t a limit to spend on someone you love, as long as you see them happy,” said senior Brittany Ruiz.