It’s the “thought” this holiday, not price tag

Esmeralda Franco, Reporter

Morton East students are all about “it’s the thought that counts.”

According to it says that most people do not know how to find the perfect holiday gift for a loved one, and even harder when you are not sure how much to spend. However many couples have a conversation about a budget or a wish list; you may be interested in knowing just how much everyone else is spending. To figure out how much people really spend on their partners’ gifts, Insider did a Survey poll that ran from December 7 to December 8 and had 1,050 respondents. The median amount spent by the people who have been dating their partner for less than a year was $50. 75% of the people who dated one to three years spent $200, which jumps to $262 for those who have been dating three or more years. This holiday season many MEHS students think that it should not matter how much you spend on a gift it is the thought is what matters.

“It doesn’t matter how much you spend on a gift what matters is the sentimental value and the intentions it is given and bought with,” Senior Vivian Valencia said.

In some students opinion think that you should not care how much you are going to spend on a gift for someone as long as you are doing it for love and with good intentions that all that matters.

However, not all have the same opinion many other students disagree “Honestly, I think like $50 max. I think you can get really creative, like do a self-care box, or just something that would make them feel cared for,” Senior Elijah Rodriguez said.

Other students think there should be a limit with how much you are going to spend on someone for example Elijah says you can make a gift at home to think and be created to not spend a lot.

“Depends on what you want to buy them and how much they deserved,” Senior Adriana Moreno said.

Lastly, some students think that it depends how much they deserved if they have not been good to each other for example they didn’t show any love and affection during all the time they been together they probably don’t deserve anything. Everyone has their opinion and think different it all depends in their partner.

On behalf of the Morton Pony Express News, have a happy holiday and break.