East students spend hundreds on gifts

Melissa Barajas, Reporter

Most students at Morton East spend around an average of $234 on Christmas gifts.

According to ABCnews, the average American will spend around an average $700 on holiday gifts this year. Fortune Magazine says that 22% of Americans believe their Christmas spending will leave them in debt.  (Interesting unrelated blub:  one business not in debt:  32.8 million real Christmas trees were sold during the last holiday season, and more are expected to sell this year.)

“Other years I haven’t really bought gifts, but this year I’ve spent like around $70-100 on gifts,” Senior Demetri Vizcarra said.

But, not all students spend all of their money on Christmas gifts.

“I’ll say about $60-$70 if it’s my family,” Senior Michelle Chavez said.

Some students spend a decent amount on Christmas gifts.

On behalf of the Morton Pony Express-News, have a happy holiday and break.